Sunday, June 03, 2007

Weekend Beautification :)

We had another great weekend in Chi-town :) Friday I purchased my present for making a baby - a Nikon D40x digital SLR Camera! It came with two lenses, a big memory card, and a fancy carrying case too! It wouldn't have been any fun waiting until after September to get it - so now I can practice and learn so when the baby does come, I'll be an old pro!

Saturday we went to see the Brewers play the Florida Marlins (part of entertaining some customers of mine). Fantastic weather, and very beautiful park!

The good guys lost though. There were lots of home runs :) And beer, brats and polka music. There was no mistaking we were in Milwaukee!

Here are a couple of shots of Prince Fielder (son of old Tiger Cecil Fielder...but apparently they are estranged). We had pretty good seats, 19 rows behind third base, but the zoom lenses that I got with my camera were, I must say, pretty darn cool. Not telephoto or anything, but still cool :) Definitely leaps and bounds above my point and shoot Sony! I've still got lots of learning to do about this camera, but so far shotting in auto mode seems to work out OK (Click on photos to enlarge).

Today we spend beautifying our courtyard with the rest of our neighbors! Pat got to plant flowers. He did it so willingly........

Hey, at least you weren't pulling weeds, man.

After the clean up and planting, we had a little courtyard barbecue, and just hung out visitng our neighbors. We met the other couple who was expecting a baby (I've been trying to meet them for a while now). She had her baby 10 days ago! Cute little dude - its strange to think we'll have one of our own in just over three short months........

Time for sleeping I suppose. Maybe I'll post some kitty photos tomorrow :)

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