Thursday, March 06, 2008

Liam is GROWING way too fast

Yes, he's been a pill whilst sleeping lately, but it doesn't change the fact that while he IS sleeping, he's ridiculously adorable. I always go in to check on him before I go to bed, and I caress his little soft cheek, tell him I love him and then blow a kiss. He's growing so quickly, pretty soon he won't want to be swaddled anymore, and I won't have my very own baby burrito. So here's a quick snap of him sleeping before I woke him up from a nap (with trusty Hugo the Hippo by his side).

Also, more growing boy news: He scooted a bit yesterday. It was kind of a half army crawl....nothing huge, but the first time he's propelled himself nonetheless. *sigh* we really need to baby proof. We also (and by we, I mean Pat) put together his high chair that we've had in storage. We got it as a gift right when he was born. Its so pretty :) But still a bit big for him, especially since he can't really sit up yet. He really is enjoying eating though!!!! Almost as much as I have enjoyed making his baby food. Yes, I actually made our own baby food! Its been kind of fun, and pretty easy to do! So far, sweet potatoes, apples and squash (the squash smelled like POO!). He's also tried peas and peaches, but I bought those from Gerber :) Peas make him really farty. I have a class I'm taking right before easter to learn a bit more.....its definitely cheaper than buying commercial, that's for sure - but really, its just fun and makes me feel like I'm providing something good for him :)

OK - a few photos of my boy in his too big, big boy high chair :)

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