Saturday, March 15, 2008

River Green....

We had a fabulous morning, and my two boys are both beat so they are taking naps as we speak :)

We met our pals Ben and Keren at the train station, and headed downtown to see the Greening of the Chicago River. Yes, I've got lots of pics, but those will come later. After freezing our bunz off for a while, we started heading to Dick's Last Resort, and after a few zillion phone calls, met up with our other buddies Gina, Jason & Audrey.

Lunch with green beers was fab, and then we headed home. Pat, Liam and I took the train. Or at least started to. We got one stop up and then the train stopped. No one was sure why. So we got off, and apparently, some guy stole a purse, then jumped UNDER the train and started running!!!! I thought that crap only happened in movies! We figured it would be awhile before they started back up, so we just walked a bit north and then caught a cab.

So now, its nice and quiet, and I'll have time to edit some of our photos, and hopefully post a few tonight. Until then - CHEERS! And happy St. Patrick's Day weekend!

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