Thursday, March 06, 2008

Sleep, Countertops and Pot pies

:::::::::::: SLEEP OR LACK THEREOF ::::::::::::

I don't know what Liam's deal is. He tricked us into sleepy bliss by sleeping all the way through the night for like, four nights in a row, and then decided to make up for it by waking up every two hours each night for the past week. I am *exhausted* especially now since Pat is in Madison for a few days, so I get night duty all to myself. I have no idea why he's waking up and so cranky. Hopefully its just a phase and he goes back to either only once a night or nonce a night. I've been living on coffee to keep me awake during the day.....and I'd rather not get addicted, know what I mean???

:::::::::::: COUNTERTOPS ::::::::::::

After calling Costco's countertop program three times, we finally got a contractor to not only call back, but come over and do a quote for us. WHOO HOOO!!! I have a feeling we're going to go with Granite (over Corian or Zodiaq - both Dupont manufactured surfaces). It was certainly fun picking out colors and such :) Now, if we can just get our bonuses sometime soon, we'll be able to actually buy them!

Here's a couple of pics I took of the samples. The 1st row is Corian, 2nd row is Zodiaq and the wheel is Granite. Lots of great options!

:::::::::::: YUMMY ::::::::::::

And now, a random word about Pot Pies. I love them. Always have - especially the super cheap banquet ones you can get for $0.49. But they are oh so bad for you. Anyway, I bought a Marie Callender's chicken pot pie this week, just because I had a craving for one, and I made it in the microwave. I know, it seems weird right? Half the deliciousness of a pot pie comes from the tender flaky crust.......but the 11 minutes in the microwave vs. 65 minutes in the oven won out. Dude - seriously - Microwave food cooking technology has greatly improved in recent years. The pot pie was AWESOME!!! You cook it right in the box, and it has some super futuristic cooking doohicky inside that makes the crust all perfect and yummy and fabulous and delicious. It was SOOO good - and totally hit the spot! If they didn't have like 100 grams of fat in them, I would probably buy more and eat one every week.

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