Sunday, March 16, 2008

Liam update

I haven't had an official Liam update in a while, so I suppose its about time.

*sigh* he's getting big! I just saw a 6 week old on Friday, and it just made him look so big comparatively. But I suppose that's what's supposed to happen. He's approaching his 6 month birthday on Easter Sunday, and will have his check up the Friday after - so we'll have stats and such then. For now, here's a little run down of how he's been doing:
  • Daycare is going very well. He's happy to see her on Monday, and Josefina absolutely adores him. It makes me feel good to be at work when he's in such good hands.
  • He's been sleeping pretty well lately - naps were always an issue, but he's been on *kind of* a schedule. He'll eat, play for a couple of hours, then take about an hour, hour 1/2 nap. I think he takes three or four per day? Ish? He's also had a couple of nights where he's slept pretty much all the way through - about 8:00pm til 5:00am or so - which is awesome! Nothing of any consistency yet, but its getting there.
  • His new thing is making raspberries with his little tongue. Its so cute! He slobbers everywhere :) He also loves being an indian (feather not dot) when Pat or I move our fingers in front of his mouth (hard to explain, do you know what I mean? I have a video - I'll upload it later.).....lots of new noises for this little guy!
  • No teeth yet, but definitely lots of chewing on fingers, and tons of drool (as mentioned before)
  • He's beginning to sit up OK - only a couple of seconds here and there, but we're practicing lots.
  • He doesn't hate being on his tummy nearly as much, probably because he can flip whenever he wants. Not from back to tummy quite yet, but almost. I'm sure it will happen soon.
  • Liam has become very observant of so many things - a very curious little boy! Which makes it nearly impossible for him to nap when we're out and about, but so cool to watch him just observe and soak it all in. He's been paying particular attention to the tags of his toys. Not sure why, but he loves to look at them and touch them.
  • One of his favorite subjects of attention is the kitties. He really seems to like them! Every time they come into a room and he sees them, he always gets a big smile and squeals. Its pretty hilarious. He also loves to grab them as they walk by, and he's got quite a grip (much to their dismay).
  • Definitely loving touching, feeling and discovering new textures - his favorite is crinkly soft fabric books (especially the one's by Priddy Books - we have four of them! Big Rex, Fluffy Chick, Squishy Turtle and Snowy Bear).
  • He can easily pick up toys, and pass them back and forth between his hands and of course, shove them in his mouth.
  • Ahhhh - tosies. His favorite toy is definitely his tosies! He found them about two months ago, but has just recently begun to put them in his mouth. Its pretty funny :) His tosies are so precious :)
  • Solid food is going well - Rice cereal of course. He tried, but didn't like peaches too much (he always made a sour face and tried to spit them out). He liked peas, but they made him pretty farty, so we discontinued those. Sweet potatoes seem to be a favorite. I also made butternut squash and apples to try, but we haven't tried those yet.
  • And last but certainly not least, he's developed a bit of stranger anxiety. Or "Mom & Dad are Gone" anxiety. We haven't had many babysitters, so he just doesn't have much exposure to being left with other people. I've been trying to take him once a week to a playgroup to get acquainted with other moms, and expose Liam to other babies....not sure if that's helping or not. Last week, I put him down in front of another baby, and he just started crying and crying!! But after about 20 minutes or so he was fine, and interacting a bit with others.
So, that's about it for now. He's a pretty happy, healthy growing boy. Lots of giggles and smiles, just how Daddy and I like it! I'll leave you with a photo from today - he's such an adorable little boy!

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