Sunday, August 24, 2008

Beautiful Day!!!

WOW! What a gorgeous Sunday it was! About mid-seventies and sunny, with a slight breeze off the lake. Ahhhh - so refreshing! And how did we spend this fabulous day, you ask? Well, we started with a 5K run in Lincoln Park for the local PBS station, WTTW. It was a fun run, and we could take the stroller with us, so it was a great time for the whole family. Cousin Adrian and Serene joined us for the 3K walk too - double the fun!

The Sesame Street Characters, Arthur, SuperWhy amongst other peeps were out in full force too. Of course, seeing those characters meant waiting in line for quite a while, and since Liam doesn't know the difference yet, we skipped the meet and greet part. BUT - we did have AWESOME run times! 32 minutes for me, 28 for Pat. Pat was convinced it wasn't a true 5K, but I just like to think we did AWESOMELY!!!

After getting home and clean, we met up with friends Ben and Keren for a picnic in the park! Seriously - doing nothing but relaxing on a blanket in the grass while overlooking the lake and Ben grilling us delicious food was quite possibly the most perfect way to spend the afternoon. LOVELY! I didn't even take any pictures, that's how relaxing it was! And, after we got back home Liam and I took about a three hour nap. Heaven I tell you - HEAVEN!

Now, we're getting geared up for the week. Mommy group stuff tomorrow at the beach, and of course, on Tuesday...along with some other job hunt/start up stuff.

Oh, and my BABY is ELEVEN MONTHS OLD!!!! HE's almost one! ACK! How did that happen?!?

Have a great Monday tomorrow!

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