Thursday, August 28, 2008

One quick post.

Its 11:30pm, and I'm getting home late for the second time in two weeks. Last week, I didn't get home until after 1:00AM. Eeks!

Yeah, my mommy group rocks!!!

They happened upon me by pure accident, when one of the members asked me to join ..through because I was in the area. I was so happy to join up, although I couldn't attend for a few weeks due to work....but when I finally made it to a playgroup I was sooooo happy I did!!! The women are amazing...simply amazing. Great moms. Great kids. and uber fun playgroups. And no, I'm not just saying that because I've had two beers and a mead.

We've officially added two mom's nights a month in addition to our normal Tuesday 12 - 3 playgroup. And these mom's are sooo cool. They drink. They swear. and in general, they just rock my socks. They are my kind of peeps. And it feels sooooo good to finally connect with a group of people.

So yes, I might be slightly buzzed, but en vino veritas.....and this, for real, is the truth!

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