Monday, August 04, 2008

Enough Wordle-ness :)

***********************CONGRATS TO MY PRIMOS!***********************

I forgot that I didn't mention the newest member of the Medel family - Elijah James Medel! He was born Saturday morning to my cousins Will & Amber here in Chicago. I can't wait to meet him :) Mom, baby and Dad are all doing well - we wish them the very best in the transition to parenthood and a speedy recovery for Amber!

************LIAM NEWS************

He's really on the go! He's very good at walking, and pretty much prefers it to crawling. Although if he falls, then he usually will crawl from there on out. The following photo is a pretty good depiction of how he is right now....not often in one place and always a blur. That's his cousin Serene behind him. I tried to get photos of the two of them because they are soooo cute together. But Liam wasn't cooperating.

He's also learned to shake his head no (even though he doesn't know what it means) and say "Woooow". At least I think its wow. Pat thinks its more of a "awuh".

Liam also is such a great eater / feeder. He almost hates eating purees now...he's more of a finger food guy. Lots of veggies, cheese and cut up meats. Its pretty cool for us too. Although he makes a big mess, its nice to be able to eat dinner all together since neither of us has to actually put the food in his mouth.

And, as much as we try to put up gates, blockades and babyproof the house, the little dude has such a radar for ALL things he's not supposed to get into. *Sigh* Definitely keeps us on our toes!

************KARIN NEWS************

As much as I've been enjoying my stint as a SAHM (stay at home mom, for you non-savvy peeps), I've been continuing the job search....keeping my finger on the pulse, if you will. I'm still meeting with the outplacement people, getting all my ducks in a row. Scanning online job ads and the newspaper. Really, there isn't all that much available right now that perks my interest. I did apply for a position with a large engineering firm downtown, but I'm not sure where that will lead. It can't hurt to continue to interview and such, right?

I'm still contemplating doing the photography part time too, but I'm a long way from that step. I've been practicing and practicing, reading and learning some more - we'll see where that will lead.

In the meantime, we're still doing OK moneywise. We started a new, super stringent budget to help us both keep a better tab on our money, and I think that will go well. We also *finally* opened up a 529 savings account for Liam. Never too soon to start saving for college!


Jeff Frese said...

Hey Karin,
A great way to increase Liam's 529 college savings account is by registering it with Freshman Fund.

It's like a registry for college savings. Parents go to the site, attach their 529, create a public profile and email friends and family a link where they can contribute directly into the child's 529 account in lieu of or in addition to the usual birthday/holiday gifts. Great for parents and great for gift givers and it's environmentally friendly gifting.

DISCLOSURE: I’m the founder of Freshman Fund. I was at my niece’s birthday party watching her tear through a pile of gifts taller than she was. At the end of the melee my gift was tossed aside into a pile of other forgotten gifts. I spent a-lot of time and money selecting her gift and I though it was a waste. I told her parents that from now on I was just going to contribute to her college savings. I asked them what website to go to in order to that and none existed. So I started Freshman Fund.

carrie said...

Love your blog Karin! Little Liam is absolutely ADORABLE!!!! He is really getting big. Now the fun begins with him walking!