Monday, August 04, 2008

Wordle - Part Deaux

OK, so I broke down my blog in various time frames so I could see the transgression of my life pictorially through Wordle. I did have to tweak the words a bit. Apparently I say "Just" "really" "like" and "get" a lot, so I took those out of the text. Anywho - its really fun to play should definitely try it out!

I started my blog in 2004. This is the first word cloud of my life until around April 2005, when Troy and I split.

Then, this is my life from May 2005 - January 2007, pretty much when I was preparing for and living in Mexico:

Here is February 2007 - August 2007. Life back in the US, but Pre-Liam :)

And finally, a word cloud that I would say pretty accurately depicts my life now. I {heart} it!!! Makes me super happy. I really want to make a T-shirt out of this. I have iron-on transfers.....I just have to find a T-shirt to use. Hmmmmm.....

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