Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Simply a great day

There are always going to be times in our lives when we have "one of those days". You know, the ones in which every single thing that can go wrong, does. Today, I had the opposite. It was a great day. One in which everything that could go right, did :)

Not anything earth shattering, mind you, but simply a fantastic day. We started off at Foster Beach with our mommy group. Pat dropped us off (always a bonus to not have to take the bus!) and the weather was perfect. Not too hot, not too humid, but warm enough to find the water refreshing (which by the way, wasn't too cold....just right!). The spot on the beach the organizer picked out was prime, and Liam and I had a great time playing and walking home.

This afternoon, I was able to schedule an early dinner with a dear friend which I love getting together with, and we're not able to work it out often enough. Her daughter, a couple weeks younger than Liam, and Liam were SOOO good during dinner. No outbursts, no crying - lots of enjoyable baby babble and smiles :) Dinner was delicious & conversation was great. It was so nice to connect with a friend.

That's it. Nothing extreme, it was just nice. Well, Liam did pee all over me....that wasn't so nice, but at least Pat was right there to see it and it gave him a good laugh. Liam has a tendency to stand up during his diaper changes because its impossible for him to sit still for any period of time. Since I was standing right there telling Pat about my fabulous dinner while he was changing Liam's diaper, I just let Liam stand up so Pat could finish getting his new diaper and clothes ready. That's when Liam let it loose. All over my shirt and pants. About 5 gallons (or so it seemed). And he laughed. Probably because Pat was laughing at me.

Eh. If that's the worst part of my day, I'd say the day was pretty darn good!

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