Monday, December 15, 2008

Liam update

Well, I think the little stinker is transitioning to one nap a day. I suppose, like with most of his other milestones, that I'm just not quite ready. I enjoy his nap time. I get a lot done during nap time. Or, well, sometimes I don't :) if I choose. I'm hoping it will still be a 2-3 hour chunk though, but we'll have to wait and see. Despite the loss of naps during the day, he's become a champ at sleeping through the night *FINALLY*. We had three days in a row where he didn't wake where it was past 7:30 before he made any noise! I could definitely get used to that trend continuing!

Little man is just a wee bit sick right now, and getting more teeth I think too (how much more can he get?! I mean, reallY!?) which means stuffed up noses and an extreme disdain for the binky. So we might just take this opportunity to remove that completely. Which is a bummer because we were down to one, and I just bought two more that were SOO cute. I'm pretty sure one said "Stud Muffin" which I find HILARIOUS. But, he's been pretty clear when he was ready to give up his bottle, so I'm hoping this will be just as easy as that. Makes our life easier, for sure.

Lets see, what else. Oh, he's also becoming pretty verbal. He's saying Night Night and Kitty now, along with the mainstays of Uh Oh and WOW! Lots more babbling than in the past too. Mobility wise he's running around like a crazy man, finding things to climb, push around, or jump off of. Yeah, lots of fun for Mommy for sure! We're having oodles of fun trying to keep him from destroying the ornaments on the Christmas far so good with that. Well, mostly.

I think he's grown a few inches since our last doctor's appointment, but we'll find out for sure on Friday. He'll have his 15 month appointment....he's getting so big! All in all, things are going pretty smoothly, and I think I love him more every day :)

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