Friday, December 12, 2008

Birthday Madness!

I had a beautiful birthday! Beginning with the sounds of a happy baby waking up, and ending with some nice warm snuggles with my Honeybuns. Pat and I went out on a nice romantic dinner to Fogo de Chao (sans Liam! Thanks Casey!) and then picked up THE most scrumptious cupcakes from Molly's Cupcakes in Lincoln Park. Seriously - they were delicious! I couldn't decide what kind of cake I wanted, so Pat ordered 6 different kinds just for me :) Does the man know me or WHAT! We had carrot cake, red velvet, vanilla, chocolate, turtle and boston creme pie. Zowie - they were all amazing, but I think my favorite was the boston creme one....soooo mouth wateringly moist and tasty. YUM-O!

I'm never patient enough to wait for my presents, so I already opened them all :) LOL. I got my sparkley beautiful Swarovski Crystal Snowflake for 2008, and a SUPER cool stainless steel trashcan that opens ALL BY ITSELF!! I know, I'm lame. I'm excited about a trashcan. BUT IT IS AWESOME!!! And a pair of beautiful cards, from Pat and had a sticker included that displayed proudly my #1 Mom status. I LOVE cheesey crap like that. Hmmm....I feel like I got another present, but I can't quite recall what it was....

We didn't really do much else, I guess.....but that's how I like it. Low Key and Intimate :)

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