Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I {heart} Christmas!!

I'm pretty sure we're done decorating for the holidays! The only thing left is to put out my Christmas Dishes...they're sitting in a box right now. Maybe this afternoon....

Saturday, we went to Gethsemane and bought our tree, and carried it home just like last year. We bought the ugly tree...its kind of lopsided, but the trunk is *kind of* straight and it was also about half the price of the other ones....and it had the perfect shape. I would love it to be more Charlie Brown-ish...but tree farm trees are always too full. Charlie Brown trees only grow in the forest.

One of my new (i.e. last three years new) favorite traditions with Pat is our Christmas Village. We buy the ones from Lowe's - Carole Towne I think its called - not super fancy schmancy, but still really cool. I've always wanted a village so I was pretty stoked to know Pat had one started. I've got this vision in my head that some day, I'll have a whole, giant long table dedicated to it.....but for now, the top of our counter will have to do. My idea this year was to add levels and snow.....much cooler than just lining them up :) I'm so happy with how it came out!

We have two light houses, general mercantile, village tailor, bistro, cigar shop, ed's tree lot and a lodge. We've got a couple trees and some people too :) We had a big ice skating rink / tree lot one that we donated to Goodwill this year - it was big, noisy, didn't work well and generally irritated me. We downsized to Ed's Tree Lot stand and I like it much better.

Now, I get a whole month of enjoying our decor! Hooray!

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jillacarter said...

I'm impressed with your Christmas decorations!