Tuesday, March 24, 2009


*GASP* I'm going to be computerless for about two weeks. Hopefully less, but definitely at least two weeks. I've been having issues with my computer for the past six months or so (starting about six months after I bought it) and finally, after the 5th service call, they told me to send it in, even though its about two months out of warranty.

So they are sending me a box - I'm shipping it to then, and hopefully it comes back shiny and new. Hopefully.

Right now I'm backing up all my files onto my EHD and possibly CD too, and hopefully finishing up some editing and layouts that I need to get done before the box comes. It will be an interesting few days. Pat does have a computer for work, so I may be able to check my gmail account, but Facebook is blocked and because "Big Brother" is always watching, there will be very little surfage going on.


Truth be told, I'm kind of looking forward to a technology break. I spend way too much time and energy online. The only thing I "need" to do is digital scrapbook for my creative team commitments, and edit photos, but I go way above and beyond that. I think when the computer returns I might start giving myself computer hours...you know, only using the computer between such and such time or whatever. Then maybe I'll be more judicious about what I'm doing at the computer and when I'm doing it. Right now, I'll jump on for something, get sidetracked by email or facebook and then completely forget why I got on to begin with. That is really just silly.

We'll see how she goes!!

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