Sunday, March 22, 2009

Big pile o' crabbiness

That's what I am lately. I've got quite possibly the shortest fuse this side of the Pecos. Everything irritates me. Everything pisses me off. It's really not a fun way to live life, you know? Especially when you have a slightly sick toddler, who is kind of whiney.

Anyway, when I've got my pissy pants on it gets pretty tough for me to want to blog. It, too, makes me angry. For no particular good reason.

But, what makes me happy is to have a husband that is home from Vegas, even with money in his pocket. Not as much as when he left, but its always good to come home with some, right?

Now, we three are going to take a walk on this fabulous Sunday morning. If I can kick this headache I might even partake in a couple of open houses this afternoon. We shall see what the day brings!


EC said...

Hope your day gets better! Thank GOODNESS the weather is starting to turn nice, cause winter dreariness makes me blah too.

Janelle said...

well, you can just blame the crabbiness on the blob for right now.