Tuesday, March 24, 2009

O'Brien offspring update

Throughout the day Liam does so many new, cute and amazing things that I wish my memory were good enough to document them all! Alas, my memory, especially my pregnant memory, is particularly horrible - so as soon as I tell myself "Ah Karin! Don't forget that!" the thought is gone.

He's really talking and saying a lot right now, which amuses me to no end. There is nothing sweeter to my ears than the little voice of a child. One of his newest phrases is "Awww DUDE!" which sounds more like "Awww DOooo", but still adorable just the same. He's very into trying to repeat things that we say. He really enjoys pointing out and repeating letters. Its kind of cool to see that he's aware that each letter does have a name, even if he doesn't know which ones are which yet. He really likes to repeat letters called out on Wheel of Fortune. A favorite pastime, no doubt. Here are some other words / phrases that he knows, along with translations (if its not very obvious)

Liam-ese - Translation

Go Go - Hugo (purple hippo) or Jugo (juice)
Go Go - lets go go!
Awa - Agua
Titee - Kitty
Choo Choo - Choo Choo
Awwriiiiight - All Right!
Oh No!
Ar Car - Car
Ahh po - Apple
Dah dah (in cookie monster voice) - Cookie
Sometimes he actually says cookie!
Ah gog - Hot Dog
Beee - Beans
omma - Momma
ah pa / Papa
weeee - Please
Bee Bo - Belly button
Nana - Banana
Pee pee - Penis <-- very important one LOL
Up up
Ahpa - Help
Dow - Down
No - Nose
Eye - Eyes
Kee - Keys
wee wee - Tweet Tweet
OOOhs - Shoes
Ackie - Snackies
Quackie - Duck

I'm sure there are more that I'm missing, but that's as good as my poor little brain will do tonight. He's also doing so many cute things - like when I tell him to give something / someone "Big Hugs" he lays his head down on his shoulder, squeezes the object and says "Awwwwwww". Totally makes my heart melt.

In other offspring news, I had a 12 week ultrasound on Monday. Things seem to be progressing well. I'm still feeling pretty craptastic. Less nauseous than before, but little to no appetite, and when I do feel like eating I'm certainly not eating healthy. I'm down about five pounds since the beginning of the pregnancy, hopefully that trend won't continue. I'm still trying to find "the right" prenatal vitamin for me, which has been fun (insert sarcasm here).

Even with an ultrasound and seeing the actual baby on screen, I'm still apprehensive about everything. Like I feel like something is wrong. Not founded at all, but still I can't seem to shake it. In general, I'm much more on edge with this pregnancy than with Liam - lots of anxiousness, irritability, etc. That has by far been the worst thing about this whole experience. In talking to other friends who are during pregnancy #2 as well, they've said the same thing. Maybe after you've been through the process, there is actually more to worry about? I dunno. I was soooo chill with Liam in my belly. Its just so strange.

AND - my skin is so gross. I feel like a zit mania convention is taking place on my head and back. Nasty.


LibraQueen said...

It's been my experience that each pregnancy has been as different as the child it produced! All 3 had their own kooky aspects!

Hope you start to feel better soon! :)

Magical Me said...

Keep him watching Wheel of Fortune - my mom and I are convinced that's what made me smart.