Monday, February 21, 2005

Incredibly Crabby Day

So, what I want to know is - WHY do we have thousands and thousands of standards, if people are just going to do whatever the hell they want to do anyway because they think they are Special and Different and thier project is much more important that all the others?!?!?!?

There is a reason why we have standards for testing and building, you know. Its the same reason why we have rulers that all have the same inches and centimeters and milimeters. If some guy made a ruler in his "inches" (because he thought his way would be better) and he said he had an 8 inch penis, it wouldn't mean a whole lot to anyone else, would it?

It also makes me angry that those that commission a lot of work (i.e. my alma matter, and large contractors) can get away with making thier own rulers because they have all the cash, and people don't want to make them angry because they all want a piece.

It makes me feel like I'm insignificant when I try to educate people and they don't listen.

*ugh* I'm having a crappy day.


Me said...

People suck. Im sorry. What i want to know is why we bith seem to be working on a federal holiday...

Anonymous said...

So I am guessing, either you and Troy were to busy catching up or the wonderful lost cellular world up north did not get your call to me. I am sorry we didn't get to spend more time hanging out at the bar while I was home.
And I agree why am I working today!