Monday, February 21, 2005

Not so crabby

So, I'm over most of my crabbiness today. I guess I just get a bit overwhelmed when I have a zillion things to do. And I realize people don't follow standards because they're out to get me. Its mostly plain ol' American laziness - and I can totally relate to that!

I talked to Jessica today and she said they are making some progress. They are trying to agree on a 50/50 deal - which would make sense to me :) She said the current hang up is that my salary is currently A LOT more than what the people at the lab make. DUH! I'm living in America?!?! Shouldn't that be the case? Anyway, her tone was optmistic, and she acknowledged my angst with the whole drawn out-ness of the situtation. She said it is taking longer than she least I'm not the only one who feels frustrated!

I know Jessica will call me as soon as she hears anything, but I still feel helpless. I made sure she knew that. I also mentioned if I don't hear from her every 10 - 14 days or so, that I will call in just to check up on things. Call it anal retentive - but even if I am a bit irritating to her because of it I just want to make sure I DO NOT loose this opportunity because they think I'm not seriously interested!

Somehow........I'm beginning to hear mariachi music in my head feels good!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see things are looking up!
By the way send me one of those pictures of the Hunters. Please.