Wednesday, February 23, 2005

One more thing.....

Troy is taking a big step in life and helping me save the world. Remember, Troy and I are complete opposites - I'm a bleeding heart liberal democrat who wants to save the world - he's a hard nosed republican with a penchant for caring for those only in his immediate circle.

We're volunterring tonight at a homeless family shelter.

Its something I used to do a lot in college, but have fell out of it as I've grown older and more egocentric. Part of my lenten promise, instead of giving something up, is to do 3 - 4 volunteer projects during the course of lent. I wanted to get Troy involved too, so I chose this as a good intro to the homeless, something Troy hasn't had a lot of exposure to. The alpha house is really just normal people who have fallen on hard times, and are working toward rebuilding thier lives. Compeltely different than the Ann Arbor Men's homeless shelter - which is more like the "stereotype" of the homeless.

I'm quite looking forward to it!


EEWW14 said...

Speaking of S.A.D. . . . every time I go home (your neck of the woods) I get so cranky and depressed having not seen the sun. The difference in attitude is amazing. I feel for ya! Let's hope you make that move to Mexico where the sun shines too! We weren't able to see those wine party pictures without joining Kodak! You need to post them on this BLOG! Hm???

Karin said...

I'll work on that - unfortunately I'm lazy and it probably won't happen for a week or so - but I'll do it eventually :)

Soak up some sun for me - OK?