Monday, February 21, 2005

Wine Party Recap

The wine and cheese extravaganza was a success this year, even though our snow storm started on the day after, which impeded some travel plans to get home......

Total attendance was approximately 37 - give or take a couple. Final wine count was 38 bottles - two more bottles than last year. Of course, they also killed 1/2 gallon of Yagermeister, a fifth of Captain Morgan AND a bottle of Boones Farm (I really don't count that as wine). I must say, it was a very good time. Most people left by 1AM or so - but the hard core peeps (i.e. some Sig Taus, my brother and Troy's sister) stayed up until the wee hours of the morning. Say, 7:00 AM or so. I think I threw away about 20 empty cans of Red Bull Sunday Morning. Hey, who says Red Bull doesn't give you wings!

I crashed out at around 4 AM, sans any Red Bull - and finally asked them (or rather told them - it IS my house) to turn down the music at about 6:30AM. I think Troy came to sleep at about 6:00AM.

My brother passed out around 1 AM, but then got up again and stayed up late. He was only drawn on after his first passing out. Very funny and creative, those face drawing artists! This is his second weekend in a row being drawn on. He should thank me though. They asked for a sharpie - I gave them eyeliner :)


Kimberly said...

i must say my first wine and cheese party was a success and yes i CAN keep up with the boys

Me said...

I SO wish i could have come to this!!!!