Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Still no news.......

Sigh. Still no word on Mexico. I've called Jessica (HR person) once a week just to check up, only to hear "No update yet, as soon as I hear something I'll let you know". So I don't want to call and irratate her anymore than I already am.

I'm beginning to think I jinxed myself. It happens to me a lot in life when I get really excited about something and start talking about it - it doesn't happen. I should learn to not blab so much about stuff and just wait until it happens, instead of getting my hopes up.


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Me said...

THat's just silly superstition talking. Getting excited about something and saying it out loud does not jinx us. Now, Ill just keep repeating this to myself as a mantra and maybe sometime int he near future ill start believing it ;)