Monday, February 28, 2005

A new leaf?

Troy and I decided to make a little competition before our trip to Vegas in two weeks. Whoever loses the most weight (% of original body weight) wins.

Wins what? Well, we haven't figured that out yet. And really, it doesn't matter. I just want to win.

So I'm back on plan (as of Friday) and have decided to kick up the exercise a bit. I've never been an exercise junkie. But I suppose if you are, it works and you end up with a hard body. Personally, I can think of A MILLION other things I would like to do besides spend two hours a night in a gym - but thats probably why I'm 30 pounds overweight. I think that classifies me as obese. Ew. I'm obese!

I've found out that even though it really does suck to get up early in the morning - I do feel a lot more alert and productive at work if I work out first thing. Not like it was a sweat pouring kind of work out - 40 minutes of yoga - but it was movement and stretching, and it felt good. AND it earned me two activity points! My goal is to earn 3-4 per day. I really need to start running again - but at the present time it drives me nuts to run outside and have my nosehairs freeze. I HATE that!

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