Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Anguish for naught

So, last week was a much needed and much deserved break from the craziness of Metro Detroit. I will say I really do adore the upper west coast of Michigan. People there are so nice, and the customers are way cool too. They don't often give me the willies as some people do here in Detroit. Sometimes I wonder how illegal they are....

Anywho, down to business. We did finally get a good campsite at Platte River Campground, after my dear father drove two hours like five times to wait in line and transfer to a site with electricity and hook and unhook the camper. I felt bad that when we did get our final site on Thursday that I couldn't stick around to unpack. But, at least they have been camping for the last millenium it seems (or last month, whatever), so I'm prety sure they have a system and I'd end up just slowing them down anyway.

Pat O'Brien and I met up in G-Rap on Thursady night. Luckily, we were able to meet up with Keith and Kyle. Their phones were turned off, supposidly because Kyle forgot to pay the bill - but Keith paid it and called right away. Anywho, we went to the bar with Keith and Kyle - or rather went to B-Dubs for some wings and beer, then went to a piano bar afterwards with Keith and pals. Kyle went home because he had to work at the ass crack of dawn. I was actually pretty proud of him! We got up early Friday morning and headed back up north.

I didn't get nervous until we actually were in the campground. I actually felt like I was going to barf. Its been a long time since I brought someone to meet my parents; let alone to meet under wierd circumstances. Turns out Pat O'Brien was petrified too, although he didn't let much show because he's way too macho for that :)

Turns out all that anguish was for naught. After the initial introduction, things went pretty smoothly. I think my mom and dad were prepared for it to be pretty strange and uncomfortable, but it really wasn't. Pat O'Brien just fits so well.....I also think it helped that he really gets along well with my brothers, so it was very easy to just hang out. He even took an early float on the river with just Keith and Kyle while the girls went to TC to score some more INNER TUBES.

Karli took a liking to him too. She even called him ahead of time to warn him - or rather tell him not to worry if my parents were wierd. She also proceeded to kick his ass in many different card games. Its pretty funny to watch a guy of his stature get his ass handed to him by an 85 lb teeniebopper.

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Beth said...

I'll be in Toronto the week of 15th. Can you be there then?