Friday, July 29, 2005

Cross Cultural Training

Today i filled out a questionaire for my two day cross cultural training session. i really started to think about it, and I figured I had a heads up on the whole culture thing because, well, i'm half Mexican. I'm late for everything, like bright vibrant colors, love Mexican food, and love my gigantic family.

But really, if you think about it, I don't know beans in China about anything! I have a good handle on the value of family and the generosity of the culture, but besides that, NADA! Because we're Mexican American - and thats very different from being straight from the mother land (although neither is bad nor worse, even though the two groups did NOT get along in Denver). So, before where I was kind of blowing off the whole cross cultural training thing, I think I might actually get something out of it.

When it comes down to it, although I'm proud to be a brown peoples, I'm American.

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