Tuesday, January 10, 2006

And now for my other personality.....

OK, now that I’m finished depressing the world let me tell you what has been good. I’m getting more responsibility and challenges at work, and starting to understand how things function. We’re beginning to make some great friends, which will really help settle in. I think Keith and I are going to join a bowling league, which starts next week. I also really really like my house. It felt good to get there after the three days of driving (which went without incident). It feels like home, especially now because I have some fantastic pictures of my family and Pat O’Brien hanging all around (I think I posted some of the pics before – they are the ones our super Photographer friend Michelle took before we skipped the country). We have a satellite dish finally, so we are watching lots of cool movies and super awesome shows (in English!), and we should have internet access sometime next week (keep you fingers crossed).

I also really like being able to let my cats outside. I was delighted to look out the window the other day and see Thalia jumping about 10 feet in the air to try to catch a butterfly! It was so comical! Milo doesn’t have much interest in butterflies. I think its because he’s a Caucasian cat. You know, he only has a vertical jump of about two inches…..

The other bonus is that I’m beginning to plan my mini-vacation when Pat O’Brien comes for 10 days next month. I’m pretty sure we’re headed to Acapulco, because that’s the closest place with sunny beaches and warm weather. AND, because Apasco has a plant there, we get like a $50 discount on rooms at select hotels! We’re only going for three nights, but it is pretty cool to think an awesome destination like that is only 3.5 hours away!

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