Monday, January 30, 2006

Fun Weekend

We didn't do tons of stuff this weekend, but we definitely had a good time! Saturday, we went to a First Comunion party for a lady at work's little girl. I was a Madrina (or a Godmother - its the best I can compare it to). I bought her medallion. Check out the dress on this chick! She's 8 years old!

On Sunday, we went with our friends the Belmont family (Fernando, Martha, Alejandro and little Fer) to an all out Furniture Mercado in Mexico City. I was in heaven! There was so many different types of furniture and home decor, made straigh in Mexico and SUPER cheap! We were just going to look (I wanted to buy a new table that seated six and was slightly larger than my $87 seats are only made for children's butts model), but I found just what I was looking for, all for $350 including shipping from Mexico City. I got a dining room table, six chairs with cushions and a matching coffee table, stained, laquered and ready to go. Good deal, I would say! Its prety simple, but looks cool, I think! Here's approximately what it will look like, except darker.....

I should get it Friday - I'm excited!!!!!!

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circe said...

nice tu blog..aunque me llama la atencion que estes en mexico y escribas en ingles...eso a que se debe?