Monday, March 12, 2007

Super Social Weekend

Friday night we (read: I) decided come hell or high water were going to go out and do something fun. I heard on the radio about something at the Shedd Aquarium - a fundraiser or something - where you could purchase $55 tickets, and eat local restaurant specialties and enjoy the open beer & wine bar from 8 - 12PM. So I bought tickets - thinking it would be cool to check out the fishies and the people hanging out at Shedd. It was an interesting night! I think both Pat and I were expecting an older crowd - you know the type: Benefactors who donate shit piles of money to support public institutions. Basically, blue haired types.

Boy, were we wrong!

Walking in, right around 8PM, there weren't many people there yet - so we had our choice of food and empty bars to visit. Chips and guac from Chipolte, beef tartar from The Firehouse Grill, and a Giant Chocolate Fountain from The Melting Pot. I highly recomend dipping rice krispie treats in chocolate, if you ever have the chance. There were other food stuffs there - but I can't remember them now. I do remember eating something with truffles in it. Very strange.

There were a few younger peeps there, I would place them around late 20's / early 30's. There was a DJ, and overall the atmosphere was pretty darn cool. About two hours after we arrived, it really started picking up, and we felt like we were in a Club. Club Shedd - to be exact! There were a lot of hip yuppy types mingling and hangin' out - we guesstimated about 500 people or was like they were going to get all hammered at Shedd, then head out to the bars and clubs downtown. Lets just say, although the event description said "casual" attire, the people around us made us feel horribly frumpy and underdressed - because Chaz was all decked out in his jeans and fitted blazer, and Trixie and Buffy had were sporting little strapless tunic tops and mid calf 80's style leggings.

It was cool - definitely fun to people watch - but totally NOT what we were expecting!

Saturday we moved most of our boxes and other stuff into storage, so we have a semi-normal condo! There are still a lot of things that need to be organized and put away, but for the most part, the house looks good! In the evening we met up with some friends at a joint called "Five for Five" or something like that, where everything on the food menu was five bucks. We didn't stay out too late, because Pat's buddy Jared was all gimpy on crutches - it was his first time out since he broke his leg. That was fine by me because I was ready to go when it started to get hella smokey anyway.

*whew* almost done here. Sunday, I was supposed to have a digital scrapbook crop in Naperville, but it was cancelled :( Bummer dude. But we had a very full and productive day anyway. We went for a run in the morning (absolutley GORGEOUS outside!!!) and then we met downtown with my good friend Maria, her boyfriend Solomon and her neice Gaby at Dick's Last Resort for brunch. Its not a super fancy place, but the buffet is only $19.99 - compared to some of the hotel brunches which can push $50 a plate! They always have live music - a Beatles cover band (a pretty good one, I might add), the people are friendly and the food is yummy, so it makes for a good place. They also have a Bloody Mary bar, so Pat partook in that (and made it wayyyy too spicy!). Its always nice to hang out with friends :)

After our brunch, we headed home and spent the afternoon cleaning our brains out - since there weren't any boxes in the way, we could actually clean well. Good thing, too - because it was FILTHY! Probably a month since our last cleaning effort. Then I spent about two hours in the bathtub. Now that I have my magazine and cup holder, I could spend days in there, I tell you! I LOVE taking baths!

OK, so on the agenda today is to buy a new pair of running shoes, and then to Trader Joes to do a little shopping. Oh, and I must do work today too - but that will wait until after lunch.

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