Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Sweet Dude

I think I've found my scrappin Mojo :)

Here are my two latest creations.

Journaling Reads:
Yes, maybe I'm biased. Because I'm in love. I thought maybe it would wear off - that the "Holy Cow I'm marrying Pat O'Brien" feeling would go away.....that finally he would come down off that pedestal I put him on....and then maybe I wouldn't think he was so handsome.

But it hasn't. As a matter of fact, the more I learn about him, the more comfortable I get with him, the more incredibly sexy he gets. Seriously, I think he is the MOST handsome man in the universe!!!! And never more delicious than he is here - laying on the bed in his cool pants, a fab t-shirt, watching TV. *sigh* He is sooo dreamy! I'm so lucky he's mine!

Paper & Elements - Amber Clegg Tranquility; Folded Corner Action - Katie Fredricks; Font - The Blue Cabin, Scriptina

Thalia 2002
Paper - Jen Wilson Summer Travels Rain Forest; Brushes - Jen Wilson Brushed Messy Edges; Word art & Swirl - Amber Clegg - Tranquility Kit; Font - Edwardian Script

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