Monday, March 05, 2007

Falling in Love

We were driving home from a Friday afternoon movie (we went to see Wild Hogs - a good show!). Nothing special - the radio on, trying to defrost a bit from the chill of the night. We were waiting at a stop light, and I looked over at him - he was just looking at the opposing traffic - waiting. And it happened.

I fell in love with him again.

My heart just swelled. This man. This amazing, incredibly handsome, wonderful man. This man that has brought so much joy and happiness back into my life. This man, with whom I am finally complete. Who I am about to start a new beginning with. This man, who I am so lucky to have.

It caught me off guard, but I suppose in a way I've been waiting for that feeling to hit me....but with the stress of moving, learning to live with each other and him traveling so much (etc. etc.) we still hadn't quite found our stride. But that night felt so normal. So nice. So RIGHT. I guess I've been waiting for that feeling to confirm with my heart the decision that my mind told me was the right thing to do in my life. And that feeling was it.

Its amazing really. After so long of feeling lost and unhappy with life, things are just falling into place. I find myself rubbing my cheeks during the day because they are a bit sore from smiling so much. Much more often than I am used to! I am regularly laughing - not just things he does or says.......but also just at random small things that make up life. Amidst the chaos off all my things being strewn about the house, wedding details that are yet undone (three weeks before the wedding), the unfinished things in our home, the loose ends I have yet to tie up from Mexico......things that normally make me a HUGE giant stressball - I'm not really letting them weigh on my shoulders right now.

I'm just happy. And that is such a very nice place to be.

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