Friday, March 02, 2007


I feel like I'm somewhat settled in now :) Yippie!

My vehicle was delivered safe and sound yesterday :) Its nice, but a bit naked. I have to fill it with stuff to make it feel lived in.

Our house is still a mess - a livable mess, but a mess nonetheless. I don't think its going to get UnMessed until we purchase a storage unit and move stuff into there. Then, maybe it will be not messy. Until then, I'm choosing to ignore the boxes and stuff that doesn't have a home strewn about the place. I just can't get stressed out about it anymore.

Not much on tap for this weekend - Pat will be doing some taxes, I'll be designing wedding invites. Probably attempting to make my work space a bit more organized......but maybe not. I think tonight we'll be heading to see Wild Hogs....that biker movie with Travolta and the like. It looks pretty entertaining - no Oscar winner by anymeans, but funny. I'll let you know how that goes.

Speaking of wedding issues - listen to what I did. After worrying about everyone else making reservations for the hotel for the stay here in Chicago.....I totally forgot to make our own! DOH! And the cut off date for the group rate was the 28th. DOUBLE DOH! I called them back and made a reservation, but our suite was already given away, and the rate for a regular room rose about $70. TRIPLE DOH! I'm working with the sales dude, hopefully he'll be able to hook us up, but if he can't I have no one to blame but myself. (**edit** HOORAY! The dude just called back and gave us the original rate! HUZZAH for the Hilton Garden Inn!)

We also had my final dress fitting today, and picked up Pat's suit from the tailor. Also bought wedding bands yesterday from Tiffany & Co. They match :) How precious! It took me a while to get used to the idea of just a plain platinum band....but it does look classy and nice so I can't complain too much....I'm sure it will grow on me. And, although expensive, it doesn't set us back a zillion dollars either, so that is a good thing too. And its probably the only time I'll be able to get Pat to wear anything that remotely matches me. He won't even go out if we're both wearing red I guess the matching Detroit Tigers running suits are out of the question. Crap. There goes my ghetto-ness.

I need to get back into scrappiness....I suppose I've sort of lost my mo-jo in the midst of all this moving and such....but, I have creative team requirements, so I have to find it sometime.....hopefully soon! I signed up for a Chicago Digital Crop next weekend so that will give me some time to get back into it. I'm excited too - hopefully I can make some new friends!

Tis all for now - have a great weekend!

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