Friday, April 13, 2007

I have a new best friend.

And his name is Tide To Go :)

Sweet lord - that thing is amazing! A definite must for me and my messiness...and now that I'm driving more, eating more in the car, that means more Taco Bell red sauce drips.

So I'm driving, and even after I had devoured my bean burrito (minus onions) i noticed I could still *really* smell the red sauce - but I didn't have any on my hands and the bag was neatly tucked away in my car trash. Then a look down, and see my fate. A nice big drip on my shirt, and another on my jacket. Luckily, I had already seen customers for the day, and was on my way home. But still, I didn't really want to stain my new preggo girl shirt, know what i mean?

So, I remembered I bought the Tide to Go stick a while back and stuck it in my car, just for this occasion. So I used it, as I was driving - and at the next stop light I looked down - and it was gone! HOORAY!

*This Product Offically Has the Karin Seal of Approval*

Not much else new - The Massey Trio is playing tonight at The Note with special guest Singer Kyle Mayer. So Pat and I will go down there tonight.......I had a good OB appointment this morning, heard the little blob's heartbeat :).......and now I'm tired and hungry - so its time to stop blogging and go take a nap.

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terra said...

So how are you feeling PREGO wise girlie??? i had to laugh at the bean burrito thing - that is just SOOOOO like a random pregnancy induced craving i would have!
and i am So with ya on the tide pen! i am a HUGE klutz and pretty much just need to keep a bottle of tide with me at all times...

hope you have a great weekend!