Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I was getting antsy and tired of working at home today, so Pat and I decided to head to Staples to purchase some office supplies - and then head to Target. It was supposed to be a quick afternoon jaunt, but no such luck.

Upon our exit of our parking spot, Pat noticed another person who started backing up after he was already mostly out in the isle......he stopped. Honked. For a good couple seconds. The other people kept on backing up. Right into the drivers side back door. *sigh* at least it was a low impact collision, and the door just crumpled. Turns out it was a college age girl and her high school age sister......they had insurance and everything, but were obviously relatively upset about backing into someone.

But its still a giant pain in the ass. No police report since it was in a parking lot (Chicago Police have bigger fish to fry). Exchange of information - blah blah blah. We already were able to report the accident with GE, take the car to a body shop to get an estimate already, so we'll just wait to hear from them to see what to do next. Or at least Pat will, since it was his company car. We definitely have that to be thankful for too - fleet vehicle companies are awesome. I had a couple accidents with our other company, PHH, which went pretty well, but this will be our first with GE.

We were able to make it to Target afterward, but at the end of the day our 1 hour trip a total of about 2.5 hours. Oh, and note to self (and a good rule to follow in general). When going to Target, don't show up in khaki pants and a red polo shirt. Luckily, Pat had a very visibly pregnant wife in tow and we weren't bothered at all, but I'm sure if he went alone he would have been bombarded with many questions about where the milk was, or if the swiffer wet jet was on sale.

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