Sunday, August 26, 2007

We're Ready!

The classes have been had, the nursery has been set up, car seats are installed, and we are officially READY to go for baby!

Or rather, as ready as we're ever going to be!

The classes were really helpful - the breastfeeding, infant CPR, and the Great Expectations classes. The CPR and breastfeeding classes were informative, and gave out lots of useful information. The Great Expectations class can't actually teach how to be a parent or anything, but it was more so just to expose us to various issues that may arise during labor and when the baby gets here, so we'll be a little more calm, and less likely to freak out. And Pat proved that he could put on a diaper and shirt and give a sponge bath - on a motionless doll anyway :) He's so cute, and going to be such a great dad!

The last thing we really needed was to get our car seat and stroller set, which arrived via UPS on Wednesday. I put the stroller together myself :) Pat installed the car seat base, in my car anyway, and we practiced taking it in and out, just like we played with the stroller too. We ended up purchasing a travel system from Costco - I'm glad we did! We got a great deal on it, and ended up with a less bulky stroller to boot! The stroller is much more city friendly - it folds quite nice and small for trains and buses and such, and the infant car seat still fits and snaps in nice and snug too. I'm very happy with it.

We didn't have a doll handy to practice using the car seat buckles and such, but we did have a Teddy bear Ted was our practice victim. Ah Ted. He's seen better days, but he's still my go to man in a pinch.

I had a check up appointment on Friday - and things are still going well. I have a touch of an Urinary Tract Infection, but I've got antibiotics for that now. Aside from that, Dr. Kelsey took a Group B Strep swap test (I'll get test results back in a week), and an internal exam to see how I was doing. Baby is down nice and low with its head locked and loaded :) And I'm about 1 cm dilated (not that it means anything at all) and on my way! He also restricted me to working only in the Chicago Metro area, so no more trips to Cheeseland :( But I suppose the less time I spend in the car, the more comfortable I am.

And I also found out that Dr. Kelsey is going to be on vacation from September 7th - 24th. I wasn't really all that heartbroken about it - I've spent lots of time with the other practitioners, and I like all of them - it doesn't matter much to me who catches the baby...that was one of the reasons why I wanted a multi-doctor practice.

We're almost a month out - and getting more and more excited as time chugs along!

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