Thursday, August 16, 2007

Family Photo :)

It was great visiting the fam last weekend - in addition to the baby shower we also went to go see a movie. Karli, Nikki & Janelle and I went to see Hairspray, while Pat opted to go see The Bourne Ultimatum in the theater across the hall......I was pleasantly surprised about Hairspray - I mean, it was a cheesy musical, but it was well done and entertaining. Other than that we spent our time hanging out and lounging in the pool and just visiting over all.

OH - Pat and I slept on my sister's waterbed. That was fun - NOT! I slept pretty well the second night, but the first night Pat was being rather over exaggerated in his motions and flopping us all over god's green earth. And the bed may have been a tad overfilled for the two of us (compared to one teeny tiny Karli girl!) it was kind of like we were sleeping on a hill. But it worked out great for my hips and back - no pain at all!

HOLY COW! Did you know my sister has her permit!?? And turns 16 in about two weeks!? When did that happen!??! I had her drive me to the store this weekend, and it was so strange having her in the seat next to me! She's just growing up so quickly!

Even though everyone wasn't there for all of the time, I was able to wrangle the entire family together for a photo session before we left on Sunday - everyone was less than enthused! Hey - I HAD to try out my new tri-pod! But, they eventually cooperated (even Chino was patient!) and I managed to get a good shot or two (or ten! LOL). Here's my fav......

Here's another one we took the night before, including our cousin's Janelle & Nikki, and excluding Keith.

I really like these shots because they were rather spontaneous - meaning I didn't give anyone any time to primp or its us, just as us. Real. I {heart} my family!

No big plans for this weekend - we've got a few baby classes to attend, but after the crazy travel weekend last weekend I would like to just hang out and do a whole lot of nothing, know what I mean?

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