Saturday, August 25, 2007

Lonely Saturday

I shouldn't say lonely.......I've got my cats to keep me company :) Pat has been gone most of the day today galavanting about in Chi-town. His buddy is getting married soon - so they are having a Bachelor party boys day for him. I'm sure he'll be home late, but the weather was fantastic today (which is a nice break from all the stinkin' rain and storms we've been having!) so I'm hoping he had a great time!!

Truth be told, I enjoy a day to myself now and again, and I SUPER am enjoying this day because I know in another month these days will be few and far in between! Its been very relaxing - I did yoga, cleaned a bit, sorted photos, cuddled cats, talked on the phone with some friends / family, ate lots of snacks, watched a shit pile of HGTV - overall, yeah, I guess I'd say its been a fun day! Solitary, yes, but definitely nice!

I think in the next week or two (or maybe sooner) I may integrate my two blogs into one - its just a pain in the butt to have two, know what I mean? In the beginning I thought it would be a good idea, and it was (especially before we had shared the news with everyone), but now so much of our life is consumed (and will continue to be) by this little person growing inside me, it seems silly to keep them separate. So, look for changes soon....very soon.

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