Wednesday, June 06, 2007

heh heh :)

I headed to Wisconsin yesterday to visit some customers. Pretty normal day, I must say. This customer took me to the normal "first visit" lunch spot - a local soup and sandwich place called "Baumgartner's" - we had a fantastic lunch.....great beef and barley home made soup and a fabulous grilled chicken sandwich. Then, I was informed that I must take some cheese home with me. Huh? Yeah, that's exactly what I said. But, I figured its the customers' hometown, so he must be proud of it for a reason.

Turns out Green County, Wisconsin is famous for its Swiss heritage and its cheese. The little joint we had lunch at has been around since 1931 - it was quite the treat, really. I bought some Swiss, Monterrey Jack and 25 year old cheddar (or something like that). I had some of the cheddar today - it would have been even more fabulous paired with a great wine....alas, I did not partake in a glass......

I just thought it was funny. Pat O'Brien and I call Wisconsin "Cheeseland" and affectionately refer to its inhabitants as "Cheeseheads" all the time. I found it rather amusing that I actually purchased Wisconsin Cheese!

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