Tuesday, June 12, 2007

WOW! What a weekend!

Whew! We had a whirlwind weekend! We had a great time (albiet way too short) with Danica and Brad, even though the Tiger's lost. No runs whatsoever....only like, four hits or something ridiculous like that. What a bummer. I did get some fantastic pictures though - and already made a great LO! (click to enlarge)

I also took a zillion photos of Seamus's T-ball game, and hangin' out on the deck at my parents house (Friends and Family Oh My!) Saturday, but I'll have to post those later. OH wait - I did test my camera out and take some pics of Kyle playing pool basketball.....check out his mad skilz.....and my mad camera action! You can see the droplets of water!!! (click to enlarge)

The pictures are still kinda blue for my taste, but I haven't figured out how to get all that right on my camera - its still running on auto mode. Those pictures were shot with continuous shoot - 3 frames per second. I LOVE that option!

All in all - it was a great weekend, even though it involved a TON of driving! We even went to church - two weeks in a row - WOO HOOO!

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Anonymous said...

My parents were at that game! That really sucks that they didn't know you were going!

<3 Janelle