Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Nothing beats Jiffy.

I'm speaking of blueberry muffins, of course. There are a lot of fancy schmancy muffin mixes out there, but none satisfy me like the traditional ol' blue box. Have they even changed thier packaging since 1930? Its rather retro. I've eaten them all my life, but it wasn't until college when I found out they were made in Chelsea, MI (one of my roomates' father worked there - so we always had ample supply in the house). Home grown and yummy goodness!

I just had a major craving for some for dinner - luckily I had a box on hand and popped them in - 14 minutes later delectable golden brown goodness arrived and was ready. *sigh* I adore them just out of the oven, with a nice pat of butter in the middle - melty and ready to go in my belly! I already ate three - but I suppose I should be nice and wait for Pat to get home so he can have some too. *sniff* our house smells so good too! I wonder if they have Jiffy Blueberry Muffin in a candle available somewhere......

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