Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Full Term Party!

WHoooOOOOoHHOOOOOOOoooooOOO! Baby and I made it to full term. Yup - at 37 weeks baby is no longer considered a premie! Lungs should be fully developed, most systems are ready for launch....I can officially say this baby can come at any time. Here's some belly pics to celebrate!

I decided to include a front shot just so you can see my stretch marks that are officially forming. They're under my belly, to my right side a little bit. Still little, but they kind of itch, which is annoying. Also, another stretch mark is coming off of my belly button ring mark too. Eh. Whatev. I think they are kind of cute! Hopefully I can get one last shot in before I go into labor (or at least before I go to the hospital) so we can see the full progression.

Other fun things that have shown up are some toe swellage - that is kind of sucky. I just have to be more aware of how long my feet are below my body. If I can sit on the couch with my feet up for a bit in the middle of the day, I think it will help tremendously. I can't drink any more water (I'm already at two liters daily) or I'll be peeing every 3rd second instead of every 4th. I did an experiment last night....I stopped drinking water at about 7:30PM, with the hopes that I wouldn't get up every two hours to pee. It seemed to work - I only got up at 2AM and 5AM.....instead of 12, 2, 4 & 6. So I'll be implementing that tonight as well. Also, I feel like I'm waddling more - I'm not sure if the baby has dropped per se (although I guess I do have a bit more lung capacity) but it definitely feels like my hips hurt more and I have more pelvic pressure than normal.

I also got some final preparations in order - I sent my parents directions to the hospital with instructions on how to get to me once I'm in labor. I set up an email list so Pat can email everyone after the baby is born with the stats and specifics. The announcements are semi-designed and ready for a baby picture to drop in. In the mail today I got a couple nursing bra's that I ordered a few days ago - they fit amazingly, and they still have lots of stretch to accommodate any engorgement that occurs when my milk comes in. I also went in for my final Brazilian & eyebrow wax today will probably be a while before I can start that back up again, LOL! Now, I just have to find some time to get a manicure & pedicure, and I'll officially be ready for labor!

That's about all for a preggo update for now. I have another appointment on Friday, so I'll give another one then!