Saturday, September 15, 2007

Latina & Carlos Santana

Its no secret that I'm of Mexican decent (along with Welsh & French Canadian, so far as I know).....I've been a subscriber of Latina magazine for the past few years. I think I discovered it a year or two after its inaugural year. It has much more substance than Cosmo, but still has a little bit of trash in it to keep it light :) And, of course, I love it because I can relate to sooo much in the magazine. Its so inclusive - showing that there are Latinas of all sizes, shapes, colors and backgrounds - it really is a celebration of all things Latina!

I normally receive it and read it cover to cover right away, rarely skimming over any articles - and this month's issue was no different (the cover shown is actually from last month, this month features a stunning Judy Perez - the nurse from Scrubs!). I came across a one page feature on Carlos Santana...where one question and answer in his interview struck a chord with me. It shows a bit of his, well, spirituality? Quirkyness? 60's peace love and music man? I can't really explain it, but I thought it was poetic and beautiful, and I just wanted to share.


Q (Latina): You recently said in an interview: "I have the courage to say that I have transcended and graduated being American or Mexican...My only alliance is with the heart of humanity." What did you mean?

A (Carlos Santana): I'm a beam of light that comes from the mind of God, and while I'll always remember being born in Mexico, the sabor and all the music that is in my DNA - that's not all that I am. I would rather be like water and like the wind and be of service to everybody. I don't like the conflict that I see between brother and brother because they invest so much in a flag or in patriotism, which to me is an illusion. God doesn't see flags or patriotism - only compassion, mercy, forgiveness, unity and harmony.

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