Saturday, September 08, 2007

I give up.

I've decided that I am resigning to the fact that this baby isn't coming until October. I seriously had high hopes that he/she would come early. And when I hit 37 weeks - I really felt like it could happen at any time.

But people, I'm driving myself CRAZY looking, waiting, feeling for ANY sign that I could be going into labor. So, instead of driving myself crazy - I'm just giving up. Fine, body. You win. I will not die from being a giant huge manatee - I will not die because I can't bend over and pick up anything on the floor without making a huge scene - and I will not die because my feet swell up like giant balloons. Yes, I realize there are women out there who have been dealing with these ailments a whole helluvalot longer than I have (since they've just really started bothering me the last week or so). It doesn't make me any less misearable, but I won't die, so I'll just have to suck it up and deal with it until October. Because if I don't plan on the baby being late, I'll just spend a whole lot of time crying, lamenting why this baby isn't out yet.

Oh, in case you haven't figured it out - no new news at the doctor appointment yesterday. In fact, I saw a different doctor, and she said "yeah, I'm not even sure why he had 1 cm dialated in here two weeks ago - because you're about as high and closed as you can be". Great. Not to mention that I hit the dreaded weight I didn't want to hit. 200. yikes. I weigh two bills right now. ick. That makes a girl feel good too.

But, blood pressure is still good (110/70), head is till down, measurements are right on, so I've got that going for me. Oh, and I found out last week I was Group B Strep negative, so I won't need antibiotics during labor, which is cool.

::::::::::::::: WEEKEND PLANS :::::::::::::::

St. Gregory's (our church we are now official members of) is having a music / BBQ gig that we're headed to this afternoon. Our friend Sean is part of the planning committee. Pat helped to set up most of the morning, and he'll probably work the beer tent when we get there (because then you don't have to buy beer tickets). I'm sure they'll put me to work when I get there too - as long as I can sit it shouldn't matter too much what I do. Until we head out there we'll be chillin' at home watching college football! I'm excited, and kind of sad, to not watch it in a Sports Book (namely, Caliente) which was the hang out place for Keith and I during College Football season last year in Mexico. And, another cool thing is having The Big Ten Network as part of our Direct TV package - so we get all sorts of Big Ten football addition to coverage of every obscure Big Ten sport you can think of. I wonder if we'll get some curling action.

Tomorrow is Sunday. And since we have Direct TV now (just installed yesterday) we have NFL Sunday ticket. So our Sundays from now until January are booked :) It just means I'll get a lot of scrappin' done while I sit out here in the living room while Pat watches the million games on TV. I kind of enjoyed having the NFL Snday Ticket last was cool to keep tabs on my fantasy football dudes. And, it was nice to have plans every Sunday :) Even if it means we'll get to experience the pain of the Detroit Lions week after week. Maybe they'll be so bad that they'll send me into labor. At least they'll be good for something.

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