Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Last Day!

Today was my official last day of work. I still have a couple of things to take care of here and there, but I can officially stop feeling bad about not doing work. Things will get done with or without me, and it needs to function without, since I don't plan on being back to work until Mid November (or later, depending on the circumstances). OK Baby - you've officially got clearance to make your entrance into the world now. AAAANNNNNYYYYY time would be great!

Boy, was it a doozy of a last day! I was up at 5:30AM, for no particular good reason at all......Pat got up just before 6AM to run, and I joined him for a cool down walk around 7AM. We got into the office sometime after 9 (or was it 10? I forget) to do our semi-mid year reviews with our boss. Then, after about 2PM, we headed back into the city for an ACI Illinois Board meeting....followed by our monthly dinner meeting.......which got us home sometime around 8-ish or so.

I spent the day kind of sitting, but really it was a significant amount of up/down/walking kind of stuff too. We scooted out of our meeting a bit early.....I was trying to be a trooper and tough girl and stick out the whole time, but now I'm glad I didn't. I'm actually in a lot of pain now - my hips and back hurt tremendously, and I'm overall really achy. I realized how much I over did it when I took off my socks and shoes and my legs/feet were super Stay-Puft Marshmallow Girl. That doesn't oft happen to me.

Anyway, I'm not sure why I'm up right now - its a combination I think of me being overly tired, my body hurting, heartburn, and just this inexplicable insomnia that seems to plague me every time I try to go to bed. OK, maybe it doesn't help that I had a cup of coffee after dinner tonight, but should one cup really effect me that much?

Its a no win situation - I try to relax myself and clear my head, but there are always a million thoughts that run through my brain - so that "self relaxation" method doesn't work. Then, I tried keeping the TV on to at least keep my mind from racing, which actually works by distraction, but keeps me up because I get engrossed in the shows. Pat doesn't mind when I watch TV in bed (it takes him all of 2 minutes to fall asleep) but on nights, such as tonight, when I'm particularly restless and the TV doesn't even keep me occupied, I come out into the living room. I'll give myself over an hour or so. Ick. I'm just so tired.....and I really, REALLY want to sleep!!! My body won't relax though - and the baby certainly isn't in any mood to relax.....its been a tossin' and a turnin' all STINKIN' DAY!!!!!

OK, maybe I'll try to lay down and get semi-comfy, or at least as comfy as I can surrounded by pillows on the most uncomfortable couch on earth...please send either labor vibes or comfort vibes.....I just want some type of relief!!!

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