Saturday, September 15, 2007

An Ode to My Husband

OK - so its not an official ode. This isn't even an official post. I just want to say publicly, for the record, that my husband is amazing. He's taken over 90% of the cleaning, cooking, and 100% of the taking care of me - all without even a teeny tiny bit of anger or resentment. I can honestly say that I've never had to post an "OMG I'm Going To Shoot My Husband" thread on my pregnancy message board - because he just hasn't done any of the insensitive, ridiculous things that many husbands apparently do. (Well, there was that one comment about "eating the apple**"...but I'm pretty sure that was in jest.) He's been really good throughout this whole pregnancy, and in particular, these last weeks where I've had the pleasure of getting really uncomfortable.

I feel guilty I'm so tired that I just want to rest my weary feet/hips/back etc. - I feel guilty that I can only get the kitchen cleaned in about the same time it takes him to clean both bathrooms & mop all the floor. I feel terrible that when I'm finally comfortable after 10 minutes of adjusting, then deciding I really need a drink of water, that I have to ask him to retrieve it for me. But those feelings are often short lived for me, because I don't need to dwell on them. Pat makes me feel like its OK to take the time to rest, to take it easy...because its tough making a human being! I'm not sure if it comes natural for him, or if he has to work hard at it, but regardless, it never ceases to amaze me.

I know its because I'm pregnant, and its only temporary (although, if I'm not careful, I could get used to this Royal Treatment). But the way he does just makes me appreciate every ounce of his being, and makes me love him so much more.

So thank you, Patrick, for being so amazing. I love you tons!

** I was particularly whiny one day about the lack of energy and achiness and the overall suckiness of pregnancy (maybe sometime in the first trimester), and asked, rhetorically, what I did to deserve that kind of malaise. To which my darling, witty husband replied "Well, I guess you guys shouldn't have eaten the apple" - referring to the actions of Eve. I'm pretty sure I shot him daggers with my eyeballs. Nice, Pat. Real nice.

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