Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Egads. My feet!

I ran this morning without Patrick, since he was busy driving to the nowherelands of Wisconsin at the ass crack of dawn. Since Liam decided to get up early like his daddy (5:30AM) and NOT go back to bed, I figured I should make use of that time and run. It wasn't tooooo horrible (always say that word like in spanish - i.e. horrrr-eee-bley) even though I did have to push the stroller the whole time.

Then, I decided it was a good idea to walk 3 miles home from playgroup today in the blazing sun. Liam took a nap, which was great, but I was sweating my balls off and my feet and legs are now KILLING me from over use. I threw myself and Liam in the shower because A) he was covered in dirt from playgroup and b) I was covered in a film of my own filth from walking forever....and lets face it, its just easier to hose the kid down in the shower while I'm in there with.

Side note: We've named our playgroup "The Momfia" instead of "Tuesday Playgroup". It kind of has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? The other option was "Momtourage", but for some reason that didn't stick.

Anyway, now, I'm tired, hot and whiny and I think I'm going to take a nap while Liam is sleeping. At least I'm no longer sticky and tasting my own sweat. I really get whiny when Pat goes away for a couple days. Not sure if its because I miss him sooooo much, or if its because I just miss all the work he does around this joint soooo much :) Either way, I wish he was here!!!


keren said...

hey, next time you decide to do something crazy like that and figure out half way that you're indeed insane, just make a rest stop at our place.
you can put your feet up on the table, and ben will fix you a dirty martini.

Karin said...

pwwahahhaha! Good to know - I'll keep that in mind next time LOL :)