Friday, October 03, 2008

Are the Germies gone yet??

The O'Brien household isn't quite germ free yet, but at least we're not getting any worse. Seriously, I feel like we should put yellow caution tape over our door so no one comes in and gets infected. I've been cleaning everything like mad with disinfecting wipes, sucking down a lot of tea and vitamin C, and sucking Liam's nose out on the hour practically. (Which, by the way, he HATES! Not that I blame him....last time someone sucked crap out of my nose I damn near passed out.) He's eating and playing more normally though, which is good.

Yesterday was a pretty fun day - I spent the afternoon with Adrian and Serene checking out houses in North Mayfair. Liam was supposed to come with, but he was CRANKY x 10 from being sick, so I left him home with Daddy. We saw six houses - one that was awesome and I wanted to buy RIGHT NOW, one that was pretty good, two that were OK but needed lots of work and two that were one step away from being haunted crack houses. It really was great to see the neighborhood and reassuring that *when* (see, I'm bringing good karma too me...its *when* and not *if*) our condo sells we'll be able to buy a real live house.

The other great thing that happened yesterday is that I finished my business plan!! I still have a few details to tighten up (i.e. numbers that aren't necessarily real but that I pulled out of my ass) but the tough part is DONE!!! WHOOO HOOO!!! After its officially all cleaned up, then I can get started on the fun stuff (i.e. website development, business cards and advertising!). I'm on a roll, so I'll polish it up today :) HOORAY!

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