Wednesday, October 15, 2008

*sigh* Do I REALLY want to do this??

Just one question. How on earth am I ever going to be a *real* photographer if I can't even photograph my own child?


I purchased an umbrella and light stand to help my indoor light (or lack there of) plight. Helps tremendously, but the only way to really learn how to use it is to, well, use it. Pat refuses to be my subject. So my only other option is Liam. I guess I really underestimated how helpful it is to have another set of hands. (click for a larger image)

You get the picture. Right?

:::::::::::::::::::::: OTHER NEWS ::::::::::::::::::::::

Our dear neighbor Kelly is happily on her way to Denver (SOOO PROUD OF YOU KEL!). We're going to miss her somethin' fierce. Her tenants don't move in until the 26th, so until then I have a nice big empty space to use as a pseudo studio :)

:::::::::::::::::::::: OTHER SHOOTS ::::::::::::::::::::::

Baby shoot went well this morning.....I used my manual focus lens so I had a lot of shots that were blurry, but some that are pretty good I think. AND, the cute naked baby peed all over my blankets :) LOL - I'm sure it won't be the last time! Also took some photos of baby girl Serene today - got a few shots of her and Liam (he finally slowed down because he was kind of tired and ready for a nap). It will take me a bit to process them all....but I will share I promise!

:::::::::::::::::::::: MORE OTHER NEWS ::::::::::::::::::::::

And lastly, I am going to be trading my photography skills for a friend's graphic design skills. This is for my logo design / brand. We've got an initial meeting on Friday....once again, the Momfia saves the day. Amazing women in that group, I tell ya!! Camri - I can't WAIT to work with you!!!

K. That is all. I'm officially sick of being on the computer, so I'm signing off for a while. Ciao.

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Danielle said...

Your little man is SO cute! Gotta love those candid shots...You will so appreciate them more than the "posey poses" in a few years. (Or at least he will realize how much trouble he gave you and then take you out to a nice restaurant someday to show appreciation...) Charlie Trotters, here you come! :)