Monday, October 20, 2008

Yes, Virginia, nice & honest people DO exist!

Last week during our Thursday run, Pat and I came across a seemingly discarded baby carrier. It looked like it had been out all night - dirty, wet, and dejected :) OK, I know carriers don't have feelings, but this one was an Ergo...the same carrier that Liam and I favor now over our wraps. I decided if it was still there after our run, I would pick it up, wash it, and try to return it to its owner.

So I did....but I didn't get a chance to post a "found" ad on Craigslist or post flyers because we were in a scurry to get things set to go to Indiana this weekend. But luckily, a friend who I had mentioned the missing carrier to saw a flyer this weekend and called to leave the number. So I called the family and a very grateful mama and baby got their Ergo back this afternoon. Made me feel good and all warm and fuzzy inside! Hooray for doing the right thing, and for helping fellow humans :)

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