Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Thank goodnes....

Still feeling a bit under the weather. Liam is feeling well though.....but now Pat is sick, which is sometimes more difficult to deal with than a one year old.

But, in the darkness - a ray of light - a beacon of sunshine

Adrian :)

She came over today and brought a big vat of soup. Wonderful, delicious, real chicken soup. It was AMAZING and sure beat the pants off the crap in a can that I was going to eat. She said I had to load up on limes for the vitamin C - which I did - a trick picked up in Mexico....all consomme must be garnished with fresh squeezed lime. AND jalapeno to knock that cold / flu out. Well....I did put the slices in. And I did eat one slice. Well, OK, 1/2 slice. Alright alright a teeny tiny piece of slice...and it did clear me up. But I'm way too wussified to eat a lot of that stuff. I also threw in fresh crisped tortilla strips and cilantro to boot.

Seriously made my night. More people need to do more nice things in the world like this....then we would have Whirld Peas. Karma will get you back girl...hopefully with thousands and thousands of dollars :) Until then, just accept my eternal gratitude and love :)

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