Friday, October 03, 2008

Young @ Heart

Going to the movies is expensive. $15 a ticket, plus at least $20 for refreshments....tack on another $40 for a babysitter...that's approaching $90 for a movie that isn't guaranteed to be good. Quite a gamble, I'd say. For that reason, we've stopped going to the theatre and signed up for Netflix quite a while ago.

A great decision....except we see just as many bad movies as we do good, really. Semi-Pro anyone?? Recently though, as a result of Pat's The Ultimate Trailer Show obsession, I heard about a particularly interesting movie.

Young @ Heart

You've probably seen a promo for this movie, too, I would bet. well, it is "Indie" and a documentary, so maybe you haven't. Regardless if you have or have not.....go out and rent it. NOW. But, I warn you, do not drink 1/2 bottle of red wine before / or during viewing. Cranks up the cry factor 10 fold I think. It is everything the critics acclaimed and more. Beautiful story. Beautiful people. LOVED it.

So now I'm in a very contemplative state though - especially regarding my grandparents. I was very fortunate to know all of my grandparents, 3 out of 4 into adulthood (my grandma Mayer passed away in....'86 I think?). Now, only Grandma Medel is still alive and kickin' - and living with my parents. And she's beautiful. And fiesty. Here she is trying to wrangle a 9 month old Liam back in July.....I think Grandma Dora only has about 20 inches on him :)

So what is my point here. Well, there isn't one really. Except I love my Grandma :) And I totally think old people are adorable. They have this wisdom which comes with their incredible life experience.....and I think that rocks. If you are lucky enough, sit down and talk to them. About anything really. I was lucky enough to get my grandpa Mayer on video talking about his experience as an Army Medic in WWII....although my ex-husband still has the tape somewhere (grrr....). And Grandma Medel talking about her father and run ins with Banditos in Mexico. They all have a story to tell, as long as you'll listen.

Oh, and they are also wrinkly and have big ears, which is also cute. Have you hugged an octogenarian today?


The Bacinos said...

what a sweet post! thanks for the rec, i just netflixed it and it's in my que! i dig indie flicks and i love a good cry :)

thanks, girly!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh I want that tape :'(

<3 jelly