Monday, October 31, 2005

My Kind of Town - CHICAGO!

I took my first trip solo on the Subway this morning, and managed to get to my destination without turning around one time! Its a record! Pat O'Brien was kind enough to print out a map showing the place I needed to go, and also marked on the map where the train stations were. It worked out pretty well. And, the more important thing, no one manged to grope me on the subway like they did in New York. Hooray!

I'm waiting right now for my spanish class to begin. I'm pretty bummed out. I really thought I had a pretty good head start on the language, and that I would test as an intermediate level. But, to no avail. I tested into the level 2 class, whcih means I'm just a 2nd level beginner. Its a pretty big blow to my ego since I thought I was at like a 4. (Berlitz puts you into levels - 1 - 10) Bummer. Well, at least I know that the class will be benificial, even though I can see myself resisting only talking in Spanish. I just hate doing things that I'm not good at, which also means Pat O'Brien is going to find a very crabby girl at his apartment this afternoon!

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